Tuesday May 5

Morning Session (9-13:30hr)
Chair: Martín Guerrero

09:00 Opening by Ignacio Negueruela
09:10 Overview and status of OSIRIS by Antonio Cabrera Lavers
09:30 MAAT at GTC by Francisco Prada
09:50 Characterizing the CGM and IGM of galaxies with MAAT: two practical cases at two extreme redshifts by Jorge Sánchez Almeida [video]
10:10 Reverberation mapping of the Fe III [2039-2113] feature in quasars by Evencio Mediavilla [video]
10:30 On the origin of relativistic jets: 2020s and beyond by Vaidehi S. Paliya [video]
10:50 Type Ia Supernova evolution studied with IFS: the low and high-z examples by Lluís Galbany [video]
11:10 Coffee Break
11:30 Spectrophotometric follow-up of lensed supernovae by Ariel Goobar [video]
11:50 Cosmology and fundamental physics with strongly lensed quasars by Adriano Agnello [video]
12:10 Improving strong lensing models with IFU observations by Jose Diego [video]
12:30 Exploiting the spatial and spectral capabilities of MAAT@GTC to shed light on the kilonova phenomenology by Luca Izzo [video]
12:50 Brown dwarfs & planetary-mass objects with MAAT@GTC by Eduardo Martín [video]
13:10 Discussion
13:30 Workshop Picture

Afternoon Session (15-17hr)
Chair: Ariel Goobar

15:00 The MAAT instrument by Francisco Prada [video]
15:10 Optical design of the OSIRIS IFU by Robert Content [video]
15:40 Slicers manufacturing in Winlight by Yves Salaun [video]
16:00 Seshat: The reduction pipeline for MAAT by Rubén García Benito
16:20 MAAT@GTC white paper & Wrap-up by Francisco Prada
16:30 End